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You are standing on Hlavna Street and looking towards the Cathedral of St. Elisabeth.In front of you is St. Michael's Chappel when you pass the cathedral you can see the Vitézov dvor passage on your left side. This is the sign that you are looking for so don't worry to enter, because at the end of the passage you will find a beautiful courtyard with lots of shops and the gallery.

Loart - Gallery - Cathedral of St. Elisabeth

Cathedral of St. Elisabeth

Loart - Gallery - Vitéz's court - street view

Vitéz's courtyard - street view

Loart - Gallery - Vitéz's court - entrance

Vitéz's courtyard - entrance

Loart - Gallery - Our building

inside the Vitéz's courtyard

Loart - Gallery - Entrance into the gallery

Entrance into the gallery

Loart - Gallery - Our gallery

Our gallery


Galéria Košice - Predaj Obrazov - Predaj sôch a plastiky - Galéria Loart

LOART gallery - olejomaľba, litografia, grafika, plastika, predaj obrazov.
Hlavná 40, Vitézov dvor, Košice, Slovakia - Tel.: 0905 795 007